Sque! My [community profile] hd_smoochfest prompt!

May. 5th, 2009 11:07 pm
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Happiness, oh yay!
Go here: community.livejournal.com/hd_smoochfest/6303.html for a funny, adorable, sweet fic written over a prompt by me :D I'll guarantee it will leave you grinning!

- Relief. The exchange program with the Germans went really well and the concert was AWESOME, but when they finally drove away in their bus early last Monday morning, I think everyone in my class was ready to sleep an extra hour or five ^^
- Horror. When I returned home from Germany late evening Monday last week the unthinkable happened. I guess I was so tired from the long train ride I forgot to hold on to my dearest laptop properly. I dropped it. It fell. The screen DIED! And I CRIED! But presently it's sent to be fixed, and I hope so badly that it's only the screen that's damaged and that they don't force a new computer on me, losing all my bookmarks and programs, and the worst of all outcomes... that ALL my files are dead and gone, if the hard disk is broken. Presently I'm shamelessly holding my mother's laptop hostage. Cross your fingers for its undamaged return!
- Nervousness. Tomorrow we're told what tests and exams we're sitting this year. I fear.
Edit: today I was told... And I'm sitting an exam in MATH! *whines* and end-of-year-tests in danish (both written and oral) and politics/social studies (oral, 24-hour preparation)....I don't like sitting exams/tests...
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