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Hiya, all you wonderful people ^_^

I thought I'd mention the reason for my absence the next couple of days.
See, I, along with my class and two teachers, are going as exchange students to a smaller town called Menden, near Köln, in Germany. It's going to be a 9(!) hour train ride on Thursday. On our way home next Monday, we'll need to change train no less than 5 times. I'm really looking forward to it, but I doubt I'll have a lot of livejournal access. I'm going to live with a girl called Nicole and she sounds really nice. She also invited me to my first ever real concert with a band called Enter Shikari Saturday night, so that'll be really exciting XD And since it's an exchange, the German class we're exchanging with (can you say that?) will come live with us from Thursday next week to the following Monday - So I'll be speaking a LOT of German for the next week and a half... let's see how well that turns out.

On another note, I'm really quite alright these day (though horribly behind on [livejournal.com profile] hd_worldcup fics), but my teachers load us with the last hand-in assignments, 'cause they have to decide our end-of-year grades soon. And speaking of grades, on the 6th of May I figure out which subjects/classes I'll sit in my exams this year *shudders* *prays for avoidance of math revision*

I already miss you! *waves*
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