Mar. 25th, 2009

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Hello lovely DW-people!

This is my very first Journal-post in honor of my 18th birthday.
Now I'm finally able to use LJ to it's full extent - Hurray! Trust me, I've been waiting for that!

Well... introducing myself to the Internet...

Silly me in general )

My obsession, the stupid way I discovered this fandom ect... )

What I like to read... )

I'll like to give a special shout-out and giant hug and squeeze to one of my dearest friends I've meet through the love of H/D - [ profile] clarex_ama is the most darling girl and I love her very very much! Her fics are fun and awesome and fabulous! ♥

And a HUGE thank you to the utterly awesome [ profile] dysonrules for pretty, pretty boys that can be found here!! They are GUUH!
And a giant squeeze of love to the brilliant [ profile] moonlitdark who wrote this limerick of WIN for me! Hurry, hurry, go read and praise the limerick of SQUEE!! And now she wrote me this too! Go read guuuh!!

Anyways, that was a tiny bit about me and such, and maybe I could be convinced to upload a little of my own H/D writing - but it's really not very good, so I'll just be sparing you all for now ^^

If you for some odd reason feel like dropping a comment you are very much very welcome! And in case anybody has actually read all of the above, I'm very amazed and humbled! *bows to you* Thank you for taking the time to read this!


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